Welcome to the recruiting center!

Before completing the application, please take a moment and READ THIS FIRST!
Any applications recieved where below does not apply, will be rejected and deleted.

1.) To apply and become a member of USA Virtual Air Force you must be at the age of 16 or older.

2.) All new pilots are required to apply with an appropiate Callsign, 5 - 8 characters of length, no numbers or spaces are allowed in the callsign. Not following the callsign standards, will result in application being declined.

3.) All new pilots must read the USAVAF Regulations.

4.) Valid email address: Pilots will periodically receive notices regarding the status of their Pilot account which may require a reply to prevent them from being permanently deleted from the USAVAF roster. You are required to maintain a valid email address on your account at all times.

5.) SPAM FILTERS - The system will not process an automated challenge/response message from your Anti-SPAM program! It is your responsibility to make sure you are able to receive email from usavaf email address.

6.) Before filing an application pilots must read the USAVAF Standard Operating Procedures located here-> USAVAF_SOP_01/14/2013 please read it thouroughly to understand the operations in USA Virtual Air Force.

7. Once you have been approved, you will receive an email/welcome letter from the training staff. Please read the welcome letter from training staff carefully, as this describe the procedure of the training.

8. When you have completed the Basic Flight Training (BFT), approx 6-10 hours, you will receive your USAVAF Pilot certificatat, Wings and Training ribbon and Class E certificat, then be handed the keys to your Aircraft and take your graduation flight to your command.

On arrival to your command you will be promoted to 2nd Lieutenant and receive your command ribbon. You will receive more information from your command staff as you progress in your USAVAF Career.

Please click this link to take you to the next step and file your USAVAF-Application, please allow for up to 72 hours for review and approval.

Thank you