Rank by Position and Service.
Rank Insignia Hours Pilot Badge
General of the USAVAF General_of_the_Air_Force N/A Cmd_Pilot_Badge
General General 2000+ HRS Cmd_Pilot_Badge
Lieutenant General Lt_General 1500+ HRS Cmd_Pilot_Badge
Major General Major_General 1100+ HRS Cmd_Pilot_Badge
Brigadier General Brigader_General 800+ HRS Cmd_Pilot_Badge
Retired N/A Cmd_Pilot_Badge
Rank by Position and Flight hours.
Rank Insignia Hours Pilot Badge
Colonel Colonel 501-799 HRS Cmd_Pilot_Badge
Lt. Colonel Lt_Colonel 301-500 HRS Cmd_Pilot_Badge
Major Major 201-300 HRS Mstr_Pilot_Badge
Captain Captain 100-200 HRS Mstr_Pilot_Badge
1st Lieutenant 1st_Lieutenant 50-99 HRS Pilot_Badge
2nd Lieutenant 2nd_Lieutenant 10-49 HRS Pilot_Badge
Cadet Cadet In Training Pilot_Badge
Promotions and Requirements.
Position Rank Promotion requirement
General of the USAVAF General
For all Rank * Promotion requirement, please read
USAVAF Standard Operation Procedures

Section 9 "Rank, Promotion & Duties".

Vice Commander General
Chief of Staff Lieutenant General
AF Personnel Officer Lieutenant General
Deputy Commander (Future Position) Major General
Command Commander Major General
VAF Commander Brigadier General
Wing Commander Colonel
Squadron Commander Major
Flight Leader Captain
Command-Staff can override above promotion requirement by calling the 'In Field Promotion'.
Read more details on promotion requirements, under Regulations/SOP - 4a, b & c.