Jack Rio (RIO's) Profile
Rank & Full name:
Cadet - Jack Rio
Callsign and Location:
Join Date, USAVAF Pilot ID & VatsimID:
Command, Wing and Squadron:
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USA Virtual Air Force Flight Data
Total Hours & Missions: 55:16 Hours 13  Missions /Flights
Total Miles & Cargo carried: 24,002  Nm 0 Pounds
RIO's Ribbons Decorations
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Goals & Background
I normally fly commercial aviation but i have a friend who introduced me to a game called Arma 3 and also Digital Combat Simulator and so i have taken a great interest in the military operations of flight. i have also seen many program\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s like Air Force 1 on national Geographic and have been struck by how these operations work. i\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'m not normally a big fan of fast moving jets on FSX But i like flying the VC-25, Hercules and also the B52 Bombers. i want to gain an interest in Virtual Military operations and would love to get involved into them. i want to see if i can be a good military pilot and learn and meet new people that can help guide me and teach me. In Time i hope to raise up the ranks and becoem part of the family at USAVAF.i have a good VA background and have flown across American many times before so im used to how vatsim works and all that. im not so familiar with Military Operations so i would like to learn more about that and i have good knowdlege on FSX and used to have FS9
Last ten flights/missions
Date: From To Total Time Status
2014-06-22 KRND KRND 02:50:00 Approved
2014-06-22 KNQI KRND 00:45:00 Approved
2014-06-22 KRND KNQI 00:35:00 Approved
2014-06-22 KNQI KRND 00:18:00 Approved
2014-06-22 KRND KNQI 00:20:00 Approved
2014-06-22 KRND KRND 01:10:00 Approved
2011-05-19 KSSC KWRB 00:25:00 Approved
2011-04-09 KSSC KDMA 03:10:00 Approved
2011-03-21 KSSC KSSC 01:30:00 Approved
2011-02-25 PHNL KSSC 08:39:00 Approved