USAVAF Headquarters,

Commander: General Stuart Stratton

Vice Commander: General Marcus Hewett

Chief of Staff: Lieutenant General R.J York

AirForce Personell Officer: Lieutenant General Martin Lavin


This web page has nothing whatsoever to do with the real US Air Force. It is intended to be a base for private individuals who wish to share their enjoyment of flight simulators. Our goal is to bring like minded flight simulator pilots together and give them new and different goals to achieve using their flight simulator program and skills. Pilots will be able to achieve higher pilot ranks and more hours as they progress in their USAVAF Pilot career.

All USAVAF Operations and Missions and Sorties are based on real world events and are created as game play for our pilots who choose to participate. Participation is totally voluntary.  USAVAF game play are not put together as an approval statement of any governmental views or actions or as a negative reflection towards any government.

We encourage you to look around on USAVAF Website before you sign up, to see what Commands, Aircraft and Ranks etc. are avaialable. This will make a better chance for you to end up with the Aircraft and AFB that you wish. The Regulations page will show you the Standard Operations procedure and the admission to become USAVAF Pilot.

When you are ready join the USA Virtual Air Force, go to the Recruiting page and fill in an application.

This webpage is best viewed in FireFox 3.0 or higher , Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher (IE8 in Compatibility mode).

If you have any questions, please feel free to Contact us.

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Pilot Name From Date of join
Josh Autry  U.S.A. 2016-01-19  
Massimo Mitolo  U.S.A. 2014-11-25  
Hugues Lessard  Canada 2014-11-24  
Jack Rio  United.Kingdom 2014-06-08  
Brian Collins  U.S.A. 2014-03-26  
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